2021 Student/Early Career Participation Awards

Thank you to all who applied for a 2021 Student/Early Career Participation Award!

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CERF provides participation awards to support student and early career members attending and virtually presenting at CERF 2021. Students and early career professionals in need of financial assistance to attend the 2021 conference may request support from CERF's William E. Odum/Scott Nixon Memorial Fund for Student Activities. Awards typically range from $150 to $300 per person. Student/Early Career Participation Awards are strictly to offset CERF 2021 expenses such as registration, technology/equipment, and/or childcare for virtual attendance. Students can use this award as leverage to gain additional support from their academic department or employer.

To apply for Student/Early Career Participation Awards, please fill out our Google form by 13 August 2021. If you are an early career professional, you agree to volunteer as a student judge and someone from that committee will reach out to you directly to coordinate your role as a judge. If you have any questions before applying, please email [email protected].

Student members are also eligible to apply for the Student Volunteer Worker program which provides funds towards registration fees in exchange for volunteer help at the conference. Applicants may apply for both a Participation Award and the Student Volunteer Worker program, but we anticipate that students will receive support from only one source. Please note that Early Career members are not eligible for the Student Volunteer Worker program. Due to generous donations from our community, CERF anticipates being able to support the majority of Student members who apply for both Participation Awards and the Student Volunteer Worker program for the CERF 2021 Conference.

Please contact Emily Rivest and Chellby Kilheffer at [email protected] with questions!

CERF Affiliate Societies (ACCESS, AERS, CAERS, GERS, NEERS, PERS, and SEERS) may also award conference travel money to students or early career members.

Eligibility and Application:

To qualify for a Student / Early Career Participation Award, an applicant must meet all of the following criteria:

For student applicants:

  • Be enrolled at a university or college or high school for the 2021 spring, summer, or fall semester

For early-career applicants:

  • Have graduated in a related science degree program any time after November 2016 AND willing to serve as a judge for student presentation awards
  • Be a CERF member in good standing when you apply
  • Be registered for and attend the virtual CERF 2021 conference
  • Agree to fill out a conference evaluation form, including your observations and recommendations about student-related activities for future CERF conferences.

Applicants are highly encouraged, but not required, to submit an abstract to give an oral or poster presentation at the conference. Students or Early Career members presenting at the conference will be given priority. We will also prioritize Students or Early Career members who have not received CERF travel/participation awards in the past. We especially encourage members of under-represented groups to apply!

Application Questions

Please use this Google form to submit your application. (Link no longer active).

  • Are you planning to present an oral or poster presentation?
  • Have you attended a professional or scientific conference before?
  • Have you attended a CERF meeting before?
  • How do you think attending CERF 2021 will benefit your educational and/or career goals? (Provide as much detail as you feel is appropriate)
  • What would you like to achieve at CERF 2021? Select any of the following objectives and/or add your own.
  • Please describe ways in which you plan to accomplish your objectives for attending CERF 2021.
  • In what state/country is your current school or job?
  • What else would you like us to know? 

Applications were due by 13 August 2021.