CERF 2021 Policy on Enhancing the Diversity and Equity of Scientific Sessions and Promoting Early Career Scientists

A session convener will need to balancing the a mix of “anchor” and “summary” talks. Those that are awarded anchor talks will have more speaking time. This note is to ask you to consciously consider the implications of your selections for the various categories of presentations in terms of representation of diverse voices at the meeting.  We want a blend of early, mid, and late career voices and these anchor talks are an excellent vehicle to promote early career scientists. We want new CERF attendees to feel welcome and heard. And we know that our own biases can create a “club” like tendency to favor people we know. We have taken this to heart in planning our keynote and plenaries, considering diverse identities and career stages. Please keep this in mind when selecting your anchor talks.  Remember that student talks are often some of the best presentations at any of our meetings.  We hope this same ethos of inclusion will also inform your work as moderators and facilitators of any synchronous interactions at CERF 2021 to ensure that many voices are heard and encouraged to speak up.

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