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Planning for CERF's 50th Anniversary

The CERF 2021 biennial conference represents an important milestone in the history of our federation, as it will occur on the 50th anniversary of CERF’s founding. Planning for CERF 2021 is now taking place at a unique moment in the world with the intersectional challenges of the global COVID-19 health pandemic and global attention to social justice and anti-racism led by the Black Lives Matter movement. As we tune into the theme of “Celebrating Our Past, Charting Our Future”, we must grapple with and take responsibility for the ways that racism and bias have shaped our Federation, and innovate and advance our work into a future that is not only inclusive, but also seeks to openly acknowledge the legacy these systems have left within our field, our institutions, and the communities we work with. These are important conversations we are having now at CERF, and will be at the center of CERF 2021.

We are also organizing a meeting in a future with a great deal of uncertainty regarding public health and COVID-19. Hope is ever-present, largely due to our fellow scientists in the biomedical fields. Their commitment to moving us forward with modeling, treatments, and vaccines inspires us to keep moving onward in our own coastal and estuarine research, including the opportunity to gather and share cutting edge progress at CERF 2021. Our amazing volunteer conference planning team and CERF Governing Board are working hard to consider the best options for CERF 2021. We welcome your feedback, ideas, and experiences.

Ready for Richmond? 

We are excited for you to join us in Richmond, VA for CERF at 50: Celebrating our Past, Charting our Future.

For the five million who visit each year, Richmond is increasingly recognized for many distinguished yet unheralded qualities long enjoyed by those who already live here. 

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Call for Submissions for CERF 2021

The Scientific Program Committee for the Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation’s 2021 Conference (CERF 2021) invites proposals for Special Scientific Sessions, Workshops, and Design Competition Teams. This conference will celebrate the golden 50th anniversary of CERF and reflect as we look forward to the next 50 years. Proposals are encouraged to promote interactions and discussions surrounding the conference theme: “CERF at 50: Celebrating our Past, Charting our Future.”

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