2023 Career Networking Event

The Early Career Networking Event provides a space for those early in their careers to converse with one another and with folks who are already established in their careers. Attendees will be able to meet a variety of professionals spanning four broad career paths:

  1. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and non-profits
  2. Academia
  3. Private industry
  4. Government (federal and/or state) 

Overall, this event will provide an opportunity to meet others across various career stages and to build professional connections that may not have formed otherwise.

The event space will be delineated into the four career paths mentioned above and attendees will be able to spend as much time as they’d like in any of the sections. In each section, there will be multiple Featured Speakers (established career folks) stationed so that attendees can learn more about their positions and career paths. Leading up to and throughout this two-hour event, attendees are able to ask anonymous questions of our Featured Speakers with information available to attendees post-event.

Attendees: Keep your calendar clear for this event (no registration is necessary). Be sure to prepare questions! Stay tuned for a list of Featured Speakers who will be in attendance. 

Featured Speakers (established-career folks): Please consider signing up to be a Featured Speaker (email us at [email protected]). Share your knowledge of careers, agencies, and institutions with tomorrow’s leaders of the coastal and estuarine science and management community. Whether it is just for an evening function or for the duration of the conference, we encourage you to adopt the CERF tradition of volunteerism and commitment to education. Who knows, you may end up meeting a future collaborator in the process!

Please contact your Career Networking Event hosts, Ashley, Geoff, and Serina, at [email protected] to sign up to be a Featured Speaker.