CERF 2023 Ambassador Program

The CERF Ambassadors Program aims to provide a group of highly visible CERF representatives to serve as liaisons between attendees and organizers, ensuring that all attendees have a safe, welcoming, and enriched conference experience.

One of the primary goals of the CERF 2023 Ambassadors Program is to deliver an exceptional meeting experience to all registrants. CERF Ambassadors strive to ensure that every attendee feels important and heard and has the best conference experience possible. You can identify Ambassadors by their yellow "CERF Ambassadors: Talk to Me" buttons!

What is an Ambassador?

An Ambassador is a CERF attendee committed to making CERF 2023 a safe, professional and inclusive event. Ambassadors help ensure that all participants feel welcomed, included, and respected. CERF Ambassadors are CERF members at all career stages, who have volunteered their time and will be available throughout the conference to chat informally, provide guidance, suggestions, and help increase engagement among attendees.

What can an Ambassador do for me?

Whether CERF 2023 is your first or your fifteenth conference, we have all had that moment when you feel alone or unsure (e.g., there is the person whose papers you have already read and admired, but you are hesitant to walk up and introduce yourself). Or you are just ending one position and want to ask someone who has similar interests how they found the next great job. The CERF Ambassador can assist by connecting you to other attendees, helping you prioritize your schedule, answering your question, or finding information that will help you enjoy and get more from the conference. Think of us as a concierge that can facilitate your conference experience to be the best for you, individually.

In the spirit of inclusivity, we are striving to have a diverse group of Ambassadors available and attending as many CERF events as possible. We hope that you will find them easily accessible and able to enhance your conference experience. In the rare case that you are having an issue, conduct concerns, or a negative interaction, CERF Ambassadors are also there to assist and find a resolution.

How do I identify a CERF Ambassador?

You can find CERF Ambassadors in the virtual setting by displaying a distinctive Ambassadors icon next to their name. Whenever an ambassador reveals their icon, they welcome you to approach them and ask for advice or assistance. There is also a separate communication channel (virtual booth) to drop a question for CERF Ambassadors to answer. In the event the Ambassador cannot directly help, they will find others who can assist promptly. 

What do I do as a CERF Ambassador?

The duties of a CERF Ambassador are simple, but essential. Ambassadors make themselves available to other attendees and ensure CERF 2021 is a respectful, inclusive, and supportive scientific meeting.

What's in it for me?

Ambassadors get the satisfaction of knowing that they helped foster a safe and welcoming environment for all attendees. In addition, ADVANCEGeo will provide all Ambassadors with bystander intervention training (date to be determined) that will be useful for this conference and other work and educational situations in the future.

How can I get involved?

If you are considering participating in the CERF Ambassadors program, be sure to indicate your interest when filling out your registration for the 2023 conference; if you have already registered but forgot to check the CERF Ambassadors box, no problem! Send an email to one of the co-chairs (Shelley Katsuki or Ashley Smyth) to be added to the interest list. The co-chairs will reach out to all interested parties closer to the conference date to follow up and provide additional information.