Estuary Photo Contest

Congratulations to the 2021 CERF Estuary Photo Contest winners!

One winning photo from each CERF affiliate society region will be turned into a paint-by-numbers kit, made available to purchase online, and featured as part of the Virtual Gallery Opening and Social at the 2021 CERF Conference on Wednesday, 3 November at 6:00 PM ET.

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Thank you to everyone who submitted their photos for the contest! Winners were announced on 28 September. View winners below!

CERF 2021 Estuary Photo Contest Winners

These winning photos from each affiliate region will be featured in the Virtual Gallery Opening and Social Event! 
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   AERS Winner    GERS Winner

York River, VA. Photo by Wolf Vogelbein

York River, VA
Photo by Wolf Vogelbein

Mobile Bay, Dauphin Island, AL. Photo by Lauren Clance

Mobile Bay, Dauphin Island, AL
Photo by Lauren Clance 
   NEERS Winner    SEERS Winner

Great Bay Estuary, Durham, NH. Photo by Steve De Neef

Great Bay Estuary, Durham, NH
Photo by Steve De Neef

North Edisto Estuary, Edisto, SC. Photo by Shellfish Research Section/SCDNR

North Edisto Estuary, Edisto SC
Photo by Shellfish Research Section/SCDNR 

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