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Tableau for Environmental Science: Easy Data Analysis, Mapping, and Sharing

Sunday, 12 November, 2023 

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM | $91 Regular Price | $63 Student Price

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About This Workshop

Unleash the Power of Data Visualization with Tableau! Say goodbye to tedious data management and hello to powerful insights. Join us in this dynamic Tableau for Environmental Science workshop and discover new ways to explore and interact with your data. This workshop is packed with hands-on tutorials and interactive lectures that will take you from data preparation to creating stunning visualizations, maps, and interactive online dashboards. Get a head start before the workshop by taking advantage of our provided resources, and during the workshop, let us guide you through challenges. Empower yourself with the tools to simplify data management and visualization and share your results with ease. Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your data presentation! Check out our Environmental Tableau Dashboards here and see what's possible in the video.

About the Presenters

Dr. Sarah Kidd


Sarah (she/her) joined the Estuary Partnership in 2017 and is currently the Senior Scientist. With the support of the Monitoring Team, Sarah manages and implements Wetland and Food web Habitat research through the Ecosystem Monitoring, Action Effectiveness Monitoring, and Habitat Restoration Programs, in addition to implementing our Carbon, and Methane Flux (CH4C) project, and Water Quality Monitoring programs. Sarah has conducted wetland ecological and restoration effectiveness research in the Columbia River Estuary since 2008 and has earned both a M.S. and Ph.D. from Portland State University. Sarah's master's and dissertation research focused on restoration and management of tidal wetland native plant communities, wetland soil conditions, and invasive species in the Estuary. As a National Science Foundation GK12 and IGERT fellow she has also worked on several national and international projects focused on urbanizing estuaries

Ian Edgar

Ian joined the Estuary Partnership in 2021 and is currently a Research Scientist II. His expertise includes Tableau, data analysis, field work, lab work, biomass sampling, and data collection throughout the lower Columbia River. Ian co-manages and implements the Ecosystem Monitoring Program and Action Effectiveness Monitoring Program and provides vital support for our CH4C project and Water Quality Monitoring program. Ian's past experiences include a geohydrology-based modeling investigating the effects of forecasted climate change on the salmon populations of the Nooksack River Basin. He graduated from Western Washington University with a Bachelor of Science in Geology and a minor in Computer Science.

Sneha Rao Manohar


Sneha joined the Estuary Partnership in the summer of 2019 and is currently a Research Scientist III. Her role with the partnership involves implementing and co-managing the Ecosystem Monitoring Program, the Action Effectiveness Monitoring Program, the CH4C project, and our Water Quality Monitoring program. She previously worked as an Environmental Consultant in Dubai, with a major focus on environmental permitting and marine projects. Sneha is interested in studying the ecosystem functions of the Columbia River Estuary. Her other endeavors include studying the effect of topography on blue carbon stores in seagrass beds of Zanzibar and building artificial reefs to aid the improvement of reef fish in UAE. Sneha holds an M.S. in marine science from Bangor University, UK.

Sarah Kidd, Ian Edgar, and Sneha Rao in Columbia County.

Sarah Kidd, Sneha Rao, and Ian Edgar at Steigerwald National Wildlife Refuge. 

Tableau for Environmental Science: Easy Data Analysis, Mapping, and Sharing

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

$91 Regular Price | $63 Student Price