CERF 2021 Sessions

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Wednesday, 10 Nov. 2021

Mon. 1 Nov. | Tues. 2 Nov. | Wed. 3 Nov. | Thurs. 4 Nov.
Mon. 8 Nov. Tues. 9 Nov. |  Wed. 10 Nov.  | Thurs. 11 Nov.
Time Sessions
10:00 AM – 11:30 AM ET
7:00 AM – 8:30 AM PT

Advancements in landscape modeling for Louisiana's 2023 Coastal Master Plan

Climate solutions and carbon capture in coastal waters

CMECS: A "Common Language" for Coastal Habitat Mapping

Developing new insights from environmental data through innovative analysis approaches

Estuarine and Coastal Modeling (ECM)

Estuarine and coastal plankton communities: sentinels of evolving ecosystems

Issues and Insights of Tidal Wetland Net Ecosystem Carbon Balances

Mixing and Transport in Estuaries and Coastal Waters

Mud, macrofauna and microbes - An Ode to Benthos IV

Transboundary Fishery Management: Developing Concepts for Better Governance

Why diversifying coastal and estuarine research and management matters

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